Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Arrrh, we have not yet applied for building permit (rakennuslupa)

In order to apply for building permit the following main items have to be ready:
- the drawings of the house "pohjakuvat" (bottoms, sides, cross-section view)
- the site plan (asemapiirros) where the house is shown placed on the land, distance to neighbors etc.
- energy certificate and expected energy consumption

Our lead-designer ("pääsuunnittelija) is coordinating all the paperwork for this application and he's doing a good job and we're happy that he seems very knowledgeable and helpful.

Unfortunately, the drawings of the house are being produced by Lapponia house designer together with the sales agent. And with them the communication has been less than optimal to put it mildly. 
First problem was that we were discussing our wishes for changes not directly with Lapponia designer but through the sales agent, who either did not make good notes (did not write all stuff down) or did not communicate the changes properly to the Lapponia designer or the designer was not paying enough attention, etc. Either way, many times the modified designs did not include our suggestions or not all etc.
The second problem was that we did not feel we got professional advice/suggestions from them as to what should be changed to accommodate our wishes or essential things in the drawings were missing: no proper space for technical equipment of the house (tekninen tila) or too small, the living area and floor area square meters seemed to be wrong on the drawings even to untrained eyes, etc. And the answer was "this is how the program calculates the square meters" (although obviously wrong).

Anyway, to make this story short, we were promised to have the building permit application ready before Christmas, but here we are today 18th of Jan and we do not yet have the drawings ready...


  1. Terve! Found your blog by googling "building a house in Finland"...so VERY glad to have found it, since there don't seem to be a lot of resources about this topic in English.

    Thank you for posting--I'm looking forward to reading more about your project! :)


  2. Hi Krisse,

    Great to hear you found our blog and find it useful! We just started it and we'll fill it in with all the relevant details to make it interesting.