Tuesday, 24 May 2011

week 20: work on the house goes on

The assembly crew made of father and son (plus their Lapland Shepherd dog) continued working on our house and they're doing a good job as progress looks good.

Here are some pictures of the progress in chronological order:

This is how it looked inside after 3 days

House is getting rain cover (sateelta suojaan), our team working even on Saturday
Et voila!
some serious woodwork happened inside too, here's the upper floor
new generation of carpenters is getting ready...
the brick carrying wall in the making, next to which sauna and bathroom will be built
our wall wooden panels apparenlty are called URSUS. Let's  drink a URSUS beer to it :)


  1. If you get some Ursus, I can come over.... ;)

  2. Haha, have to organize that when my father is coming from the country in August. Otherwise Finnish Karhu is a good substitute :)