Thursday, 14 April 2011

Appliances deal made with Gigantti

We were at the fair last weekend and bought 4 appliances from Gigantti. They had offered a lot better deal compared to Expert who made us an offer for AEG stuff. And also had better sales person. Of course at the fair you have to kind of decide more or less on the spot so I was wondering if we got a correct deal or not, but after getting home and checking the prices on the Internet it was indeed a good deal. Anyway at the fair I asked the sales person "So I can call you on Monday if it seems that the special prices you offered us are not that special? Yes sure", he replied.

Cheapest prices on the Internet for the stuff we got are: 
EUF29420X - Electrolux freezer metalic- 1036 euro 
ERE38520x - Electrolux fridge metalic - 1026 euro 
D5257S -  Asko dishwahser metalic - 916 euro 
EDD2400RH - Electrolux drying cupboard - 484 euro 
Total 3462 euro on the Internet

We got offered 2550 euro for the whole package so not too bad thinking that the appliances have on them "made in Sweden" :). They will deliver the appliances when we need them somewhere in September/ October.




Drying cupboard



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