Monday, 25 April 2011

Week 16: Foundation is fast and furious here/ thriller in the price

The Me-Perustukset team have tried to install the frames for pouring concrete last week Friday. Firstly, they had to wait a day as there was a problem with the steel delivery. Then, our foreman decided to go and visit the site and inspect the foundation to make sure that there is enough steel placed in the frames before pouring concrete.

Unfortunately he came all the way from Lohja in vain as the steel was not yet placed in the frames due to the delays of the steel delivery. He could have called Me-perustukset first and ask if the site is ready for inspection instead of coming and wasting his time...better communication would be nice! Especially as we're paying for foreman's' visits :).

Anyway by Tuesday the frames for the plinth beams (sokkeli) were ready for inspection.The foreman did notice one error as the middle floor frame was misplaced (in mirror image instead) and then the foundation crew made the necessary changes in time.

Inspecting the premises :)

steel reinforcements before concrete was poured


ventilation hole

the entrance terrace
And after a while at 8 pm same day, the trucks with concrete arrived and concrete started pouring...

 Then the concrete was left to dry for one day and on Thursday the frames were removed and the prefabricated floor beams were brought in onto 40-tonnes truck. This was the one we were afraid of... Will the road last or not the heavy weight...

And on Thursday, the super heavy truck came, road was ready and wide enough...but the truck driver was probably not very experienced as he took a too narrow turn from main road to our land and this is what happened...

A super heavy assistance truck was called in to pull the truck with concrete beams out of the ditch.

3 hours were lost but in the end the rescue was successful and the team installed the floor beams and look what became of it...

our house's got FOUNDATION :)
The crawl in space under the foundation

Then the day continued with the last act taking place...
The empty truck was not able to reverse up the hill to the main road...and then another  assistance truck was called to help in... (excuse the video quality)

What a thriller Thursday it's been!  But in the end the foundation crew was able to finish and leave at about 4 pm, I guess ready to celebrate something. Easter?

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