Thursday, 3 March 2011

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Back from holidays! Greetings from Switerland, Germany and France, went driving around and met friends. In the meantime spring had arrived also to Finland and snow is melting fast!

Called today the county to find out if we could demolish the cottage already soon. Apparently it is possible to split the application in two and get licence to tear down the old cottage much faster than the actual building permit which is coming in 2-4 weeks. So if we are lucky, cottage will go already next week. If we could save the cottage we would absolutely fix it and stay there for few months. In our case there is permit only for one house on the plot. So in order to get the building permit, old building must go. That is a shame.

Coming weekend our friends are coming to empty the cottage and take everything worth something and the rest can go. We will recycle everything possible from the house; windows/ glass, metal, wood and insulation materials. Old doors I will keep and figure out later what to do with them. I would like to make a table or wall decoration from the old wooden front door. Past would follow with us and as I have told I adore old shapes, colours and textures.

This weekend we will also mark all the trees with some red spraying paint that have to go.

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