Monday, 7 March 2011

Permit to demolish the cottage is HERE!

Yes, we got the permit today and cottage will go next week.

Last weekend we moved out all the interesting furniture, carpets (pestyjä räsymattoja!) doors, super old coffin dated 1804 and some glasswear. Friends got some chairs, a lamp, plankets and a cupboard. For the kids I took some pots and pans to play with outside while we are cleaning etc. in the house.

Trees are marked with red paint and now we just wait for another week until machines arrive and start making the road and dig.

We also met our electrician and went through the plan for lightning and plugs in the house. That seems to be all in order. Sooner or later it is affordable to change halogens into led pulps, in Germany they were already selling those pulps rather cheap.( )

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