Thursday, 24 March 2011

week 12: Building permit was approved 22-Mar-2011

Yes. Bulding permit was approved. Work can now start properly.
Here are some pictures from this week.

The house and garage exact spots were marked by the engineers from Kirkkonummi municipality.

The house ground has now been prepared for the steel pillars (paalutus) that will be knocked into the ground for 7-10 meters until they reach solid ground. The pillars will installed next week.
There is now electricty for the works.

Spring is not yet here but weather was beautiful this Saturday morning when I ran/ walked from home to the land and back (about 8 km in total).


  1. Congratulations - onnittelut!

  2. Thank you! "Exception permit" (poikkeuslupa) took about 9 months and permit from environment ministry another 2 months (due to the little river on the land). Then the building permit almost 2 months. But now we're here able to build which is great!

  3. Thanks for visiting our blog. The wall is a brick wall. We installed some wood panels on top of the brick.
    Good luck with your peoject :)