Saturday 25 December 2010

First time inside the old house

We just got the keys to the old house standing on the plot. Cottage has no real value but we were still interested to go in and have a look. Soo-omg much snow and very old locks but finally got lucky with the back door. Little kitchen was full of little treasures (cups, plates and jars) and some nice wooden furniture was left behind. I just love the old stuff! No sign of mice inside, only lots and lots of deer footprints around the house. Ja papanoita...

Thursday 23 December 2010

Yesterday we became land owners

Yes, yesterday Dec 22nd 2010 we became land owners of  3000 m2 in a great location in Luoma, Kirkkonummi, Finland. And it feels great and a bit sureal. We signed the pre-acquisition contract already 13 months ago and by December 21 2010 we got all the necessary approvals to be allowed to build on the land. It took so long because we needed to obtain an "exception permit" (poikkeuslupa) as the land was meant to build just holiday houses and not for permanent residency.

Below a picture taken from Nokia's The sign on the map below is where the plot is located. It is about 350m from Vitträsk lake. The closest primary school is about 1.5 km and train station/ grocery store 3 km.

Here below is a satellite picture close up where the plot is marked. There is a 50 m2 summer cottage from the '60s which we'll have remove before starting to build the new house.

Sunday 19 December 2010

just starting

I have to learn how to use blogger