House package

The house will have a grey /brown color (so a bit different to the grey in the picture). There's no lake planned either...Lapponia sales agent's imagination :)

2nd floor

We have done quite some changes compared to the original house package from Lapponia. On the ground floor we made the kitchen and living room in one big open space. Additional the technical room was added as it was missing from original design, the kitchen and living room were mirrored/ flipped to the other side.  Also we included a double glass-door to the terrace. Supporting wall in the middle and the staircase stayed as they were. Upstairs we didn't need to change a lot. Two smaller rooms are designed the way that they can be transformed into one big room so that upstairs there are two big bedrooms, living and a bathroom for our growing two daughters.

Have a look at the original model (Lapponia Nordia 226) to see the differences to our own model:


Here's one relevant posting about the wall structure of our house:

The color of the house will be Tikkurila Valtti Color Piki 5089 as below although the sample paper looks a bit more brown compared to what I can see on the screen:

more details to come ...

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