Saturday 9 July 2011

summary of the last month

We have been a bit busy lately and did not update the site for a month now. You know, all those trips to swim by the lakes leave no time for blogging :).

So in chronological order a summary of the happenings at the house:

First the insulation for the floor was laid with quite a delay as the carpenters have done an error when installing the walls. Walls should have been installed on 5 cm higher beams, but they forgot to put an additional wooden piece of 5 cm between concrete beams and the wall foot. The plan was to have 25 cm of EPS polystyrene insulation. However, due to this error there was only space for 22 cm of insulation. Hhhmm! The solution was then to put 15 cm of EPS and 7cm of SPU. SPU is a better quality insulation material as it's harder, water proof and insulates better. The idea is that 7 cm SPU insulates as well as 10 cm EPS, or so. Below you can see the place for the fireplace and chimney with the SPU insulation on top.

450m of floor heating pipes were installed

Then the concrete floor was done (about 8 cm of concrete that covered the floor heating)

Thereafter chimney was built from prefabricated Schidel pieces. I took a day off and helped with lifting the pieces to up to 8m on top of the house.

View from the top of the house: There are 2 chimneys holes: one for the fireplace (the bigger one) and the small is for the sauna stove. It was interesting to lift the 25 kg a piece elements on the roof!
Also there has been work done on installing the ventilation ducts in the house and on top of the house and the 2 teraces are almost done.  Also the ceiling insulation for the first floor was installed (10 cm wooden fibre).
Then the windows were made ready with white iron trays and also the white wooden planks were attached under the roof edges as below: