Wednesday 26 October 2011

Got wallpapers for kids rooms ordered from Holland and they are gorgeous!! We have Eijffinger and Room seven but there are several interesting. Can recommend and

One more month to go and it feels that now things start to fall apart... inside doors were all wrong and have to be ordered again (bad case senario is 4months delivery time), plummer is still missing, fire detectors are totally missing from downstairs and our current house is not yet sold due to... greeks... financial situation in the world.

But hey, we are still happily married, healthy and going strong...

Monday 24 October 2011

Last delays, I hope

Airco-machine was ordered only today... and it takes 3 weeks to be delivered. How convinient. Somebody is not doing their jobs too well. And in 4 weeks we are moving in, or were planning to. So we felt totally abandoned by Nord Energy. Have to check our agreement tonight and discuss with wiser people how to proceed.

Our kitchen machinery was delivered today and the freezer was all bumped and need to be changed. Luckily we donot need it desperately since kitchen will be delivered on coming friday and been put together during the weekend (Ikea; 160 packages and 1 million screws...)

All the wooden pannels will be painted twice and that's what we are busy with right now. We choose ecological paint UULA and with two painters it is going really fast and well. Cip's dad is here to help.

Saturday 22 October 2011

iam back!

As you have noticed we are totally running behind. House got ready outside this week and next week we should get the heating on. Not everything has gone smoothly... Our KVV-vastaava (person who is liable for plumming, heating etc.) has vanished, gone hiding, left the country, god knows, but he is not to be reached. So Juuso Pelkonen, if you are reading this, pls. give us a ring :D

Foundation of the storage is finally done accordingly but we have no longer time nor money to finish it before winter. Cannot recommend to anybody ME for making foundations unless you enjoy calling everyday begging them to do the job... After threathing them with a lawyer, things started to move on but honesly we have spent hours and euros trying to get them to do the job agreed ^Ö*&@¤??!!

But as I am the most positive person on earth, our new home looks and feels exellent and I cannot wait to move in and start living there. Sauna is very nice and the retro tiles I choose for bathrooms are super next to blue metallic showers and tabs. Got lucky again and found tabs on sale.
Land around the house is finally flattend and all the holes/ ditches closed: MUD everywhere.

Will post you new photos soon.