About Us

Family of four. Finnish mother, Romanian father and 2 daughters. First girl was born in Amsterdam, second in Helsinki. Kids speak finnish and romanian, parents english and finnish together.
Recycle and re-use has become way of life after years in Amsterdam. There we found all the second-hand shops and flea-markets. 

Here in Finland we visit regulary "Kierrätyskeskus"= recycle-center. The best around Helsinki area is in-my-opinion in Matinkylä. So do not bin anything useful because they are happy to come and pick up your waste furniture, clothes and all the rest of the stuff you want to get rid of.  


  1. Hi!

    Can I add your blog to ours' blogroll?
    We are building a house too.. well, at least we have chopped down trees and maybe some day the foundation is made..

    Anyway, our blog's adress is http://osmankaami.wordpress.com/
    if you want to check it out. :)

    I found your blog throug Kimpparakentaminen.

  2. Hi,
    Sure you can add our blog. I will add your blog to our "roll" as well.
    We''ll start with the road and trees next week...

  3. Hi!

    Felicitari si mult succes in continuare! Foarte interesante informatiile si astept cu nerabdare informatiile despre costuri. Suntem in Finlanda doar de un an insa cine stie...e o tara tare pe gustul nostru.


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  5. Ma bucur ca il gasesti interesant. Informatii despre costuri: o sa le postam cand am terminat proiectul ca sa fie o imagine completa :). Costurile depind si de optiunile fiecaruia: de tipul de fundatie, tehnica casnica, sistem incalzire, ce fel de constructie, design interior etc. Daca te interereaza ceva specific da-mi de stire. Preturile undeva intre 1300-1700 euro pe metru construit la case de lemn.