2009 - November - signed pre-agreement to buy the land with the condition that we would get the permission to build a house on the land
2010 - February - we applied for the exception permit from the Kirkkonummi municipality (needed signatures from 9 neighbors)
2010 - May - after some changes (moving the house isn the drawing) application was finalized
2010 - May - chose house package from Lapponia House
2010 - September - we obtained the exception permit but next step is to obtained also an enviromental permit from the environment ministry of Finland because there is a little river passing on the land
2010- December - enviromental permit obtained and we signed the final land acquisition contract on December 22nd!

- week 4/5  - building permit was applied/ completed
- week 11 and week 12 - land work including making the road, cutting trees, removing old cottage to recycling, digging the land for the foundation and making the gravel base, outdoor electric panel,etc. Also building permit was obtained
- week 13 - not much happened except the metal pillars (paalutus) were installed
- week 14 - participated at house fair in Helsinki - choose the parquet model and fireplace
- week 15 and week 16 - foundation was made (first the wooden frames and then concrete was poored)
- week 17 and week 18 - there was work done on bring in the water, sewage, ground source and electricity connection to the house. Also the foundation was insulated from frost and humidity and the air vents were installed
- week 19-  The BIG week - HOUSE PACKAGE ARRIVED on May 11th.
- week 20-21 - House installation (carperters) continued until there were tiles on the roof and a carrying brick wall was also made inside
- week 22 - there was a break as the carpenters went to work on another house. However the holes in the floor beams were made so that the water, sewage etc pipes can be brought in the house before insulation is laid and concrete poured.
- week 23 -