Sunday 11 November 2012

pictures of our kitchen and living room

One of the wishes for the house was to have big enough open space (living+kitchen) as that is the place where family usually spends most of the time. The whole space is about 50m2.

Here are some pictures.

ok, not the straightest of panoramas

We have bought the kitchen cupboards and sink from Ikea as for us it was the best & by far the cheapest option for massive wooden doors (black).We did spend quite a lot of time putting the cupboards together.
The kitchen appliances we bought from Gigantti at a house fair (
The sink tap is Hansgrohe Talis S² Variarcand bought it from Germany over the internet ( together with other taps. It is possible to take it off and open the bigger window if needed and also it has pull-out spray.

Hansgrohe Talis S² Variarc Single lever kitchen mixer with pullout spray 1/2"

The  white quartz kitchen tops we bought from a company from Estonia ( that were the cheapest and also came to take the measurements on the spot. Delivery and installation was fast. They speak both English and Finnish in Liidukivi company.

Window wall has ply-wood board of pinetree ordered from Puukeskus. It was difficult to find suitable one since it cannot be very thin nor too thik and have no holes. This wall will have black-painted linear illustration inspired by the photo under (Hugo Boss shop in Shanghai) once we have time and energy to make our own design and finish.

The kitchen hood is model IH-55 from Savo and it is suitable for external blower on the roof ( It is sort of Finnish thing of having the hoover on the roof and Savo is only one of the few companies that have such suitable model of hood. It is not the cheapest but we enjoy that there is very little noise in the room when the fan is on.

Total costs for kitchen were:
2300 the quartz stone tops
5300 Ikea cupboards & drawers (about 25 of them) including pull-out and corner cupboards, oven, 78 cm kitchen electric plate and double sink (there was at the moment we bought the kitchen a 10% discount offer)
2800 appliances (fridge, freezer, dishwasher, kitchen hood and sink tap)

The white quartz price of 2300 is the price for:
- 4 stone pieces including installation: 30mm worktops thickness 847x619mm,1518x619mm, 2055x1014mm and 1083x618 mm
- 1 cutout for cooking top, 6 corner radiuses R10 + 2 corner cutings
- Visible edges straight polishing
- measuring, transport and installation
Average price about 530 euro/ m2 of white quartz.


  1. Ready to move homes are getting famous these days. There are many agents who transport houses , and these houses are made of wooden so they are affordable too.

  2. thank you, it's very inspiring and helpful information.